ADHD and exams

Yesterday, I completed my first closed-book written exam since second year. There is a chance I haven’t done quite enough to pass and that’s okay. I have always relied on high stakes motivators to trigger academic achievement but noone could possibly have predicted a pandemic would sweep across the globe and withhold this element of […]


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Pain, Suffering and Stoicism

Sometimes I spot a plant doing something cool but my usual emotional response feels a bit muted. More distant than usual. I realise I’m probably experiencing some degree of physical or emotional pain in that moment which has triggered a temporary dissociative response, protecting me from suffering. This has the unfortunate side effect of rendering […]

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Flash Fiction

Every morning I wake up in the armpit of this alien world. It’s pounding in my ears and I can’t stop it. It doesn’t care. It doesn’t even know. Somebody doesn’t exist anymore. Flash fiction, also called micro fiction, is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity. This is my first attempt at flash fiction and […]

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