Writing for Inference

They would have told me if they weren’t happy. Someone would’ve mentioned it. We’re quite a close team actually – I work hard to make sure we can all really trust each other. In fact I often join them for lunch. We have lots of fun and they always appreciate my jokes although they aren’t very funny on their own. Not quite as creative as you’d expect, working in the arts. Sometimes I hear them laughing in the trailer late at night. I often wonder what they are laughing about.

An inference is a meaning that is suggested rather than directly stated.

Writing for inference is tricky as it required a well thought out scenario, structured in such a way that the presented perspective of your character is intentionally at odds with the readers’ perceived ‘truth’. This is a great skill to have and the resulting texts can be fantastically entertaining to read. The wit comes in the form of what is effectively an inside-joke between the writer and reader. In my opinion this is definitely worth the effort as it engages the reader in your writing.


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