The Ramadan Tent Project

On Sunday, I was invited to take part in the¬†Ramadan Tent Project¬†at the Malet Street Gardens in the heart of central London. This experience was both humbling and refreshing. I arrived home that night with an enormous sense of pride and inspiration for the people who brought this wonderful initiative to life. What is Ramadan […]

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We still have love

I have been very vocal about my surprise at how cartoonishly I’ve been making my way through the 5 stages of grief for the EU. In the past, the passage of these phases was a slow and subtle process. On this occasion of course, it is a very different type of mourning to that which […]

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During the past few examination periods, I’ve woken every morning to the show ‘Frasier’ on Channel Four. My mum always watches it in the morning at breakfast, and during study leave I’m at home to join her. As a 19 year old, I’ve always found it difficult to share my appreciation for the show. I […]

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